Voittajien on helppo hymyillä!

Voittajien on helppo hymyillä!

1st Time racing offers possibility for private rally events in Hyvinkää rallycross track. This is a great opportunity for unforgettable experience for customers, personnel or any group. We provide all needed accessories, brief education and the race is ready to start.

2 750,00 €

The package includes start briefing and safety instructions. Then we dress for the race and start warm-up sessions with gorups of 4 drivers. After the warm-up it is time for qualifying lap. Then we have a break for coffee, rally sausage and whatever you wish. After the break is time for the Finals, and they begin from the bottom of qualifying list with four car starts. Winner of each heat is entitled to continue in next start, so driver can make a way up to the last final. After the last final, three best will receive trophys and they will spray the wines.
Meeting room for the whole day can be included with no extra fee, and we can arrange transportation, lunch, dinner, after-race drinking, sauna and some other events as well, just ask for the offer on those.

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Rally ride

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