Näillä se elämys syntyy

Näillä se elämys syntyy

If you are looking for something more tha traditional rally ride, take the package where you can also drive by yourself!

First, you get introduction and then you sit on co-dirver’s seat for few laps to get the feeling of car and hear some instructions for driving and see the effects of different actions in practice.

Then, you take the wheel and drive two times 5 lap long sets. Between the sets you have a break to ask for additional instructions and lower your pulse and adrenalin.

And then, after your unique experience, you once again sit in co-drivers seat and follow how experienced driver manages the same track.

Either you just want to get the self driving experience or show that you really got talent, this is the package for you. The package will be organized with your individual timetable.

390,00 €

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Copy of Rally ride

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